How to find freeware utilities.

1. Take a look on sites that has recensions and descriptions of freeware

I try to take a look at Shell Extension City almost everyday. This site has the advantage of a short description of three or four new apps every day and is not overwhelming in the amount of apps it proposes, and it has many interesting links to offer.
Once I went to a site called CoolFreeware that had more thorough description on the proposed freeware, but it has , as far as I can see, closed down. Another site with rather thorough descriptions is The freeware genius blog. The advantage of sites like this and Cool Freeware is offset in that they only can manage a few apps every month.
Two sites that are a "must" is Pricelessware (latest list is for 2007) and Snapfiles . Pricelessware only lists freeware that are regarded as Must-Have of dedicated freeware junkies. Snapfiles ,formerly Webattack, has a tendency towards freeware that are useful when you are dealing with the Web and Internet. But it is updated all the time. In time writing I say I prefer Snapfiles the most.

4. Last year I have been keen on looking at blogs/feeds like:

Ed Bott's Windows Expertise

gHacks technology news

Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily

Mitchelaneous | Reviews and Downloads of the Coolest and Best Windows Freeware

Geeks Are Sexy. Technology, science, news and social issues for geeks.


to find freeware of all sorts.